G&H Steinvorth

Founded in 1962 by Gerard and Herbert Steinvorth, with the idea of contributing to the development and technological innovation of health services in Costa Rica..

During the course of these 50 years, we have gained the trust of professionals and technicians in the different areas of research, education and industry in our country, where we distribute internationally recognized equipment for academic training, scientific and judicial research, quality control of food and beverages and industrial development.

The family that today makes up G&H has been trained by the companies we represent, to offer with quality and safety the preventive and corrective maintenance services in all our lines..

G&H Steinvorth provides researchers, institutions, professionals and organizations with state-of-the-art scientific, medical and technological equipment, with the seriousness and commitment that has characterized us for over 40 years..

We have state-of-the-art technologies and we bring them closer to you to contribute to the development of the disciplines in which they intervene. We are a working group that thinks about your growth.

Our People

"True success does not come from proclaiming our values, but from putting them into practice every day...it is our way of life¡¡¡

We work with respect, integrity and commitment for our employees, customers, patients and medical community, considering their needs and opinions. Applying the highest ethical standards in our processes and products¡

Respect & Ethics

Work with respect, integrity and commitment for our employees, customers and suppliers, always considering their opinions and needs. We apply the highest ethical standards in all our processes and products. Honesty is the basis of the values of those who work at G&H Steinvorth Ltda. Honesty is not a virtue, it is our OBLIGATION.


At G&H Steinvorth, we are friends of our customers, because we value the traditions that our ancestors have passed on to us: commitment, reliability and efficiency. We want to preserve the tradition of honest business relationships. Working in this way distinguishes us and makes us proud.


We are a Costa Rican company created in 1962. Our impeccable trajectory of more than 55 years makes us stand out and be one of the main suppliers for the different sectors of health, education, science and industry. It is recognized for its leadership in the sector, commitment, service, seriousness, honesty and high moral values with which it serves its customers and suppliers..

Quality Policy

G&H STEINVORTH Ltda., a company dedicated to the sale, distribution and technical service of equipment for laboratories in the health, research, industry and education sectors since 1962.
We keep the tradition of more than half a century of maintaining honest business relationships. Working in this way has distinguished us and filled us with pride!

We approach the quality system as a way of organizing the operation of the company based on its basic pillars such as:

  1. Its fundamental values of honesty, order, perseverance, efficiency and cooperation: we know that acting under these values make us good people!
  2. The quality of its products and services: Alliances with manufacturers of state-of-the-art equipment and high technology, equally committed to our quality policy and constantly training ourselves to always provide the best service¡
  3. Customer and stakeholder satisfaction: Being a pillar in our society, complying with all applicable legal requirements and regulations are part of the axis that shapes us.
  4. Constant improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System: It is part of a value that we practice in our daily operations.

With a clear vision, a firm purpose in our heart and high values, we have decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the INTE/ISO 9001:2015 standard.