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Molecular Biology

  • MixMate de Eppendorf is a compact mixer for volumes from 5ml to 2ml 3-in-1 format: plate mixing, tube mixing and vortexing function. IVD-compliant. With motion controller (Mix-Control). For PCR assay mixing, pellet resuspension, incubation, colorimetric assays (e.g. Bradford, Lowry, BCA0, gene-reporter assays, restriction assay mixing, Vortexing of numerous tube formats (e.g. 15 and 50 ml conical tubes).
  • Thermomixer Compact de Eppendorf, heats, cools and mixes. It is the classic thermomixer for 24 microtubes of 1.5 ml. It impresses with its small size, design and stability, even at maximum mixing speed. Certain applications: Enzymatic reactions, transformation, denaturation of DNA, RNA, proteins, bacterial culture, yeast culture, magnetic bead technology for protein purification, isolation of DNA fragments on agarose gels and plasmid isolation.
  • Thermomixer Comfort is the mixer that offers the most convenient option to perform two tasks in one in the laboratory: simultaneous mixing and tempering., Thanks to its active opposed cooling capability, rapid cooling is possible, which significantly extends the temperature range and thus the spectrum of applications. Allows control and documentation according to gLP via RS 232 interface. Automatic block recognition and indication of maximum speed. Certain applications: Enzymatic reactions, transformation, denaturation of DNA, RNA, proteins, bacterial culture, yeast culture, magnetic bead technology for protein purification, isolation of DNA fragments on agarose gels, plasmid isolation, immunoprecipitation, microarray or in situ hybridization experiments, thawing of solutions..
  • ThermoStat Plus is a comfortable and precise temperature thermostat with Peltier technology, which optimally complements the Thermomixer family. Its special talent is to maintain with great precision different temperature levels, with a temperature range from -5°C to 99°C. Special applications include cell lysis, storage of enzyme, nucleic acids, etc. at defined temperatures, ligation, etc.
  • “IsoTherm-System” For transport and slow thawing of samples up to 24 microtubes. Can be refrigerated for several hours e.g. at -21°C or 0°C. To avoid loss of enzyme activities of enzymes, for PCR sample preparation etc..


Sistema Hibridación para procedimientos FISH “StatSpin Thermobrite” Un Termociclador-hibridizador “ThermoBrite TS01” Sistema de desnaturalización e hibridación de láminas basados en protocolos FISH.

  • Reduce el tiempo de manipulación al combinar pasos en procedimiento FISH.
  • Elimina la preparación y almacenamiento de soluciones peligrosas.
  • No se necesita cargar completamente la lámina para mantener la precisión de la temperatura a lo largo de las 12 láminas.
  • Teclado numérico para fácil programación, de membrana para fácil limpieza.
  • Acepta un amplio rango de tipos de muestras.
  • Capacidad para 12 láminas que pueden ser fácilmente colocadas o retiradas con una mano. Puede ser utilizado como calentador de láminas a temperatura fija. Tapa que al cerrarse permite la temperatura y humedad óptimas.
  • Sistema automatizado para determinación cariotipos, la cuantificación de marcadores biológicos en laminillas para aplicaciones de investigación, clínico, farmacéutico, genómico y proteómico. “Applied Imaging”

Sistema rápido para fijación de ácidos nucléicos, a membranas y para eliminar contaminaciones.

  • Para aplicaciones de onda corta 254nm UV: UV crosslinking membranas *
  • Onda Larga 365nm UV: UV curing, pruebas no destructivas
  • Rango medio 302nm UV: Reacciones Fotoquímicas, UV crosslinking. Marca UVP
  • Aplicadores de Muestra
  • Equipos de Electroblotting:
  • Fuentes de poder:
  • Geles en Agarosa
  • Marcadores DNA:
  • Secadores de Geles
  • Tiras de Acetato
  • Vertical y Horizontal
  • Biophotometer Plus de Eppendorf, compact UV/Vis design (9 wavelengths), designed for use in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology laboratories. It offers direct access to 32  routine methods. Measurements and calculations are performed at the touch of a button. The results with all relevant measurement data are displayed together, which guarantees virtually error-free operation. Additionally optimized for the measurement of minute volumes with the aid of microliter measuring cells. Applications: Fast and reliable analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, determination of cell density, measurement of fluorescent marker binding rates in biomolecules, measurement of the absorption of individual wavelengths as equivalence point determination for enzyme assays.
  • Biophotometer Data Transfer Software, for online data transmission to the PC.
  • UVette cuvette,ideal for sensitive and small volume tests (>=50ml). The new plastic free of fluoropolymers and other halogenated hydrocarbons provides a transparency range from 220 to 1,600nm. For the first time it is possible to perform measurements in the UV range as well as in the entire VIS range.

Luminoskan Ascent is a dedicated high quality microplate luminometer for research applications, ideal for luminometric glow and flash assays with excellent sensitivity with 1-884 microplates and PCR dishes, with incubator and dispenser supporting simultaneous reagent injection and signal detection.

Cellular Technology

“TransferMan NK2”

Our TransferMan NK 2 offers you all the advantages of an intuitively operated manipulator with the highest precision. The device also offers the experienced user numerous interesting features, so that complex micromanipulation techniques can be carried out easily and precisely.
Recurring work steps can be called up at the push of a button..

“InjectMan NI 2”

Menu-driven programmable micromanipulator, especially suitable for microinjection into adherent cells. The combination of InjectMan NI 2, FemtoJet and Femtotips facilitates fast and semi-automatic microinjection into adherent cells. In addition, the InjectMan NI 2 is the ideal manipulator for all complex applications that require a dynamic displacement mode and coupling to a microinjector.Through the axial orientation of the Z-module, sensitive cells are treated with extreme care and the high feed rate facilitates the penetration of rigid structures.

“PatchMan NP 2”

PatchMan NP 2 is an easy-to-use basic micromanipulator for a wide range of applications requiring precise placement and smooth, continuous motion. It is especially suitable for the injection of small organisms and early stage embryos. Equipped with functions for gentle and comfortable microinjection, the PatchMan NP 2 easily handles capillaries and ensures a high survival rate of samples after injection has occurred.

The unit can be installed on both inverted and stereo microscopes (an optional universal stand is available), and the unit's direct adapter device can be positioned to the left or right as appropriate.

The PatchMan NP 2 can also be used for electrode placement on and in the cell, as the instrument is capable of approaching the cell membrane extremely slowly and executing a Z-movement if necessary.


For injecting small to intermediate volumes (up to 100 pl), the original FemtoJet is perfectly suited, offering a wide range of functionality, simple operation and a built-in compressor to deliver the required pressure independently. It is ideal for injecting aqueous solutions into adherent cells (and is the ideal companion to our InjectMan NI 2 and 5179, as well as model 5171) and cells in suspension (with the TransferMan NK 2). The FemtoJet forms the perfect system with Eppendorf micromanipulators, and integrates just as easily with other microinjection systems.

Applications: FemtoJet

  • Semi-automatic injection into adherent cells with InjectMan NI 2 (and older models 5171 and InjectMan 5179).
  • Suspension cell injection with TransferMan NK 2.
  • Pronuclear injections into mouse embryos.
  • Injection of serial volumes from femtoliter to 100 pl.

Electroporator 2510”

The Electroporator 2510 facilitates simple, safe and fast incorporation of external DNA into bacteria and yeast. This unit has been specially developed for targeted transformation experiments and is guaranteed to be highly efficient. Special emphasis has been placed on easy handling and safety.

  • Multiporator

The basic unit of the multiporator consists of a module designed to electroporate eukaryotic cells, and two supplementary functional modules expand the application spectrum of the multiporator for cell fusion or transformation of bacteria and yeast. No additional devices or external parts are required. Together with the buffers, cuvettes and chambers, which are precisely designed for the respective applications, the multiporator forms a perfect system.

Electroporation of eukaryotic cells

The Multiporator®, in combination with the specially developed electroporation buffer, is the ideal system for efficient and gentle electroporation of eukaryotic cells. The Soft Pulse technology of the Multiporator® uses very short electrical pulses, thus enabling high survival rates. Negative influences on the cells such as pH changes, aluminum release and electrophoresis of cell contents are reduced. Relevant parameters such as voltage and pulse duration are directly set and accurately maintained by the patented electronic pulse discharge control*1 - independent of the test resistance - thus ensuring reliable and reproducible results.
The hypoosmolar buffer system increases transfection efficiency, especially in mammalian cells. The buffer allows electrodeformation of the cells, facilitating membrane penetration. The sodium-free buffer system is adapted to the internal environment of the cells and stabilizes the Na+/K+ gradient across the cell membrane, thus making the most demanding transfection experiments work.
The field of applications covers transfection of animal and human cell lines, embryonic stem cells, primary cells, oocytes and plant cells.
Two supplementary functional modules increase the fields of application of the multiporator, making transfection of bacteria and yeast and cell fusion also possible.

  • “MicroDissector PPMD”

Principle of PPMD microdissection
Thanks to the new piezoelectric ultrasonic transformer, an extremely thin metal tip (MicroChisel) moves at high frequency and small amplitude, cutting quickly and precisely all common biological preparations, including cartilage and bone tissue.

The isolation of cells, cell particles or groups of cells is carried out according to the following individual approach:For large numbers of cells we recommend the electronic absorption pipette included in the system and our Filtertips (MDS).for small groups of cells or single cells we offer CellTram® vario and our capillary TransferTips® (MDS) with a diameter of 20 µm.the isolated material can be transferred directly into any tube or cavity of a microtiter plate. Of course, all common downstream processes (e.g. reverse PCR or quantitative mRNA expression analysis) can be applied according to PMD microdissection. The high vitality of the isolated cells allows for further culture.

Sonicator (Homogenizer-disruptor for biological cells Branson brand) Sonicator designed for general applications in biological processes or with liquids, particularly for small samples from 200 μL to a maximum of 100 mL.

  • Emission frequency 23 kHz. Power consumption 3A.
  • Digital display of watts used with regulation from 10 to 100%.
  • Integrated support for spindle storage.
  • Automatic power control system


qTOWER 3 Real-Time Thermal Cycler

qTOWER 3 Real-Time Thermal Cycler

With temperature gradient. qtower 3G model Analityk Jena, Germany.

General characteristics

96-well silver block with gold plating
Easy configuration of color modules
Three different color LED lamps.
With gradient (Linear Gradient Tool)
Maximum minimum. Gradient 40 °C / 0.1 °C
Ergonomic design
High speed scanning 6 seconds per 96-well plate
Evaluation methods

qTOWER 3 Real-Time Thermal Cycler

Intuitive multi-language control.
Upgrades at no additional cost
Future-proof: Adaptable to new applications at any time by adding filter modules.
Illumination and detection of the 96 wells individually without edge effect due to fiber-optic transmission
The qTOWER³ touch is a modern stand-alone system that makes an external control system (PC) unnecessary. The integrated 10" tablet leaves nothing to be desired with regard to the planning and implementation of experiments. The touch operation provides the user with simple and intuitive navigation in the menus and programming of the instrument, as well as online monitoring and final determination of the Ct value. The data files are compatible at all times with the PC software.​

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Ultraviolet Products


Liquid Handling

“epMotion” de Eppendorf, recommended solution for Real-Time PCR. With optical sensor to check tip type and quantity available.


Conozca lo que ofrece nuestro representante que el el mayor producto de Membranas Inorgánicas y productos de filtración. Ultrafiltración, bombas de vacio.

Catálogo de Sterlitech


Product information

The Centrifuge 5920 R offers extraordinarily high capacity in a very compact and ergonomic design. It features similar dimensions to the refrigerated 3-liter models offered by the competition, but features a higher capacity of up to 4 × 1,000 mL or 52 x 50 mL, making it the ideal instrument for high-throughput applications.

Universal baskets accept both tubes and plates.

Both the S-4×1000 Rotor with high-capacity baskets and the S-4×Universal-Large Rotor allow the use of tubes and plates in the same basket.

› Time saving: no need to change baskets
› Cost saving: no need for additional plate baskets
› Space saving: no need to store different baskets

The Centrifuge 5920 R

4 liter capacity

accommodates standard 1 liter Nalgene® bottles, setting a new standard in the benchtop centrifuge industry. Compared to other custom 1 liter bottles, the Nalgene bottle is narrow and allows for a better pellet than wider bottles. The high capacity allows you high volume processing in a few steps.

Product information

Thanks to its great versatility, the refrigerated Centrifuge 5910 R sets a new benchmark for benchtop centrifuges. With a wide range of fixed-angle and swing-out rotors, this centrifuge has been designed to accommodate a particularly wide variety of applications. Cell collection in bottle capacities up to 1,000 mL, large-scale DNA and RNA isolation, as well as Ficoll® gradients for the purification of lymphocytes and monocytes are just a few examples among the numerous application areas. The new universal tilting rotor with unique universal adapters enables even faster loading. For the first time, this system allows centrifugation of conical beakers up to 50 mL, plates and 250 mL bottles without the need to change rotors, swing-out rotors or adapters.

Easy handling

Low access height for easy handling
The Centrifuge 5910 R has been designed with a particularly low access height in mind. This not only allows easy loading and unloading, it also enables each person in the laboratory to reach the open centrifuge lid with ease.

Soft cover closure
There is no need to exert excessive force to close the centrifuge lid. The soft-acting lid allows the centrifuge to be closed lightly.

Advanced operating system and temperature management

​› Menu-driven, multilingual operating menu with large backlit display
› FastTemp pro® function enables automatic pre-cooling based on pre-programmable dates and times; in combination with the ECO shutdown function, this reduces energy consumption significantly
› Dynamic compressor control technology for precise cooling performance

Tilting rotor with extraordinary versatility

The large tilting rotor S-4xUniversal allows the use of tubes and plates at the same time by changing only the adapter, not the rotor basket.

Your benefits:
› Time saving: No need to change baskets
›  Cost saving: No additional baskets for the plates are needed
›  Space saving: No need to store different baskets

In addition, three innovative "universal adapters" can centrifuge a selection of tubes and plates:

› Adapter 1: Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mL, 15 mL, cónico, DWP
› Adapter 2: 50 mL, cónico, MTP
› Adapter 3: 50 mL, cónico, 250 mL, MTP

Your benefit:
Even more convenience when using conical tubes and plates

Product information

The powerful and easy-to-use MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus are small enough for each workstation to be equipped with a "personal" centrifuge. Two models are available to meet your operating requirements. The MiniSpin plus provides a speed that is sufficient for molecular biology separations.

Personal centrifuges for real life exist in the Eppendorf.  Minispin and MiniSpin plus. The rotor, internal centrifuge lid and lid lock are made of metal for maximum operational safety.

Product information

The  5702 family of low speed multipurpose centrifuges has been specially designed to meet the requirements of low to medium capacity cell culture and research laboratories. They have a compact design so that they can be conveniently placed on any lab bench, are very quiet, which is beneficial for your working environment, and provide 6 different rotor options to accommodate any type of tube.​

The appropriate model for your application:

› Centrifuge 5702 for standard applications
› Refrigerated Centrifuge 5702 R for heat-sensitive samples
› The heated and cooled Centrifuge 5702 RH allows centrifugation under biological conditions for improved cell viability and more accurate results in downstream applications (e.g., cell culture).


› Very compact to fit on all workbenches
› Very quiet operation to improve your working environment
› Low access height for easy loading and unloading of specimens

Temperature management

› Optimizes air flow, minimizes sample heating during centrifugation (5702)
FastTemp function for fast precooling (5702 R/RH)
› Active heating ensures high temperature accuracy during the entire centrifugation cycle (5702 RH only)
› ECO shut-off function activates after 8 hours of inactivity to reduce energy consumption and extend compressor lifetime (5702 R/RH)

Quality and safety

› Stainless steel rotor chamber is rust-free and easy to clean
› Unbalance detection for maximum safety
› Key lock to prevent accidental parameter changes
Aerosol-tight caps for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples are optionally available.

Product information

The Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810/5810 R from Eppendorf with its renowned quality and reliability offers you the most cost-efficient solution for your medium to high sample throughput applications - now and in the future. It combines excellent versatility and capacity for both tubes and plates in an extraordinarily compact design. With the new rotor generation, the capacity of the Centrifuge 5810/5810 R increases to max. 4 × 750 mL (or max. 28 × 50 mL/56 × 15 mL). It is the most compact 3-liter centrifuge currently available on the market.

Designed to fit any laboratory

› The smallest 3 liter centrifuge on the market
› Low lid opening height for use under shelves
› Quiet to improve your working environment
Low access height for easy loading/unloading
› Centrifuge lid with soft lid closure

Eppendorf QuickLock® Plugs - for one-handed operation

› Significantly improved handling, easy one-handed operation
› The handle allows the closed basket to be carried to the biosafety cabinet, where it can be opened in a safe environment.
› Aerosol-tightness has been tested and verified by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK.

Rolling container

If space is a limited resource in your lab, the Eppendorf rolling container can give you the freedom and flexibility to use the Centrifuge 5804/5804 R or 5810/5810 R wherever you need it. Use the rolling container if there is not enough space on the usual laboratory benchtop or for transporting and using the centrifuge in other laboratories. The included drawer provides additional storage space for your rotors and adapters.

› Rolling container with closed centrifuge fits perfectly under standard 90 cm laboratory tables
› With 4 swivel casters (2 with locking option) and drawer
› Dimensions: W×D×H: 70 × 62 × 45 cm / 27.5 x 24.2 x 17.7 in.



  • Swing-out rotors and adapters accommodate tubes and bottles from 0.2 mL to 750 mL
  • Plate rotors for centrifugation of all types of plates: MTP, PCR, cell culture or Deepwell Plates
  • Fixed-angle rotors for high-speed applications in tubes from 0.2 mL to 85 mL
  • High centrifugation speed up to 20,913 × g (14,000 rpm)
  • Eppendorf QuickLock® caps and aerosol-tight lids for easy one-handed handling
  • Centrifuge lid with soft lid seal
  • Low access height of 29 cm for easy loading and unloading of specimens
  • Quiet operation to enhance your working environment
  • Compact design saves valuable tabletop space
  • Automatic rotor and unbalance detection for maximum operational safety

Product information

The Centrifuge 5424 R refrigerated centrifuge is the laboratory standard when it comes to efficient cooling performance (i.e. rapid cooling from ambient to set temperature) with a highly ergonomic design. It features state-of-the-art cooling technology to ensure high temperature accuracy for maximum sample protection and best separation results. Ideal for daily laboratory use.

Soft one-finger locking for ergonomic lid locking

Eppendorf Kit rotor® (F-45-18-11-Kit) for 18 centrifuge columns and 1.5/2.0 mL tubes (max. 18,111 x g)

This unique rotor offers a solution to a common problem when working with MiniPrep spin column kits: open tube caps that distort during the elution step. This problem previously occurred because standard rotors did not provide sufficient support for open tube caps during centrifugation. The Eppendorf Kit rotor is designed with an extended rim that supports the tube covers during centrifugation and protects them against distortion. Your tube covers will no longer tear off.

Product information

The Concentrator plus with its new design has been developed with the customer in mind to offer an ergonomic, intuitive and durable solution that fits perfectly on your lab bench. Advanced heating technology provides the best treatment for your samples, ensuring gentle, efficient and fast vacuum concentration of DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins and other liquids or wet samples. Our new coated lid provides superior chemical resistance against acids and aggressive organic solvents (e.g. TFA, DMSO).
The Concentrator plus is available in three configurations to meet the specific laboratory requirements of our customers:
1) Basica Concentrator for connection to an existing vacuum pump.
2) Complete system with an integrated solvent-resistant, maintenance-free, oil-free PTFE pump and condensate trap.
3) Complete system with vacuum port adds additional capacity. It is possible to use the integrated vacuum pump separately - without having to disconnect it from the system.

› Choice of 3 operating modes ("vacufuge", "centrifuge" and "desiccator") for a variety of application requirements
Choice of three application modes (aqueous, alcohol or high vapor pressure) to match the sample solvent - reducing processing time by up to 20%.
› Choice of 4 heating levels (ambient, 30°C, 45°C, 45°C, 60°C) allows safe and efficient concentration of various samples
› Braking function can be optionally deactivated for use with samples delicadas.

Tilting rotor for MTP, PCR and Deepwell plates up to 27-mm high (A-2-VC).

Rotor for 48 1.5/2 mL microcentrifuge tubes.
Can be stacked using the rotor spacer to double the capacity to 96 1.5/2 mL tubes (F-45-70-11).

Rotor for 8 conical tubes of 15 mL (F-45-8-17)

Rotor for 6 conical tubes of 50 mL. Also accommodates 6 conical tubes of 15 mL (F-35-6-30)..


Virus Purification kit

Kits for Lentivirus purification. The Sartorius Vivapure LentiSELECT 40 is a complete kit for purifying 8 x 108 viral particles from 40 ml of culture medium. This product replaces slow ultracentrifugation methods. Purification and concentration of HEK293 Lentivirus VSV-G pseudotype from supernatant cell culture in less than 1 hour by means of an innovative chromatography membrane system, making the use of pre-filters an obsolete configuration.

  1. Individual Tubes and Strips
  2. 96-well and 384-well plates
Su fragmento dinámico se mostrará aquí... Este mensaje se muestra porque no proporcionó tanto un filtro como una plantilla para usar.
Su fragmento dinámico se mostrará aquí... Este mensaje se muestra porque no proporcionó tanto un filtro como una plantilla para usar.

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